The new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s space epic INTERSTELLAR dropped today and it is fantastic. This is one film in 2014 that I am really looking forward to. To see the trailer you have to kind of jump through a hoop. You have to go to When prompted, enter access code 7201969 and prepare to be blown away!


BLOOM (2014) – Teaser

With San Diego Comic Con at its end and everyone focusing on what Marvel, DC, Legendary, Sony and every other huge company is putting out, but Im going to give you the teaser trailer for Travis Legge’s new film, BLOOM.

Sure the trailer has been out for awhile, but its worth posting among all the fallout from the biggest “Comic” convention of the year! 

BLOOM stars Deann Baker as Lily who wakes up in a bloody motel bathroom with fuzzy memories of the previous night. As she copes with her trauma and struggles to figure out what happened, she begins changing into something inhuman. 

You can find out more information at the Official Bloom Facebook Page