I’m 37 and I catch Pokemon

So I guess I should go back to when the show was popular here in the US. My brother was a huge fan. To the point that he even had a stuffed Psyduck. Every time he would try to get me involved or would go on a tangent about how great the show or subsequent games were I would pass it off like adolescent tomfoolery.

Now, I’m 37 years old and last night I spent 3 hours down by the lake in Kenosha with what seemed to be hundreds of other people after the same goal: To Catch Em All.

I am nowhere near as invested as some folks. While others are nearing the level 30, I’ve barely scratched the surface of the teens. My drive just isn’t that strong. But last night I felt the urge to join other players to see what all the fuss was about, and while it has its drawbacks that I will get to later, it was overall a very enjoyable experience.

Seeing so many people, from different walks of life, being brought together for one cause really made me have a little of hope that humanity isn’t too sick to survive. That maybe all we need is a push in the right direction.

While it was great to see everyone coming together, a part of me still can’t get behind it 100%. We are still walking around with our faces in our phones. Sure there is some human interaction but at what cost? There was times that I ignored the warning that the game gave me  every time that I opened it, and wasn’t aware of my surroundings and bumped into people. Just like they did me. It’s just something thats going to happen when all you can do is look at the screen on your phone.  A device that was created to bring people together, and with this game it has, is still keeping us apart.

I won’t bore you with more pontificating about the impact that Pokemon Go is having on society. Just on me. It got me out walking. For around 3 hours I walked back and forth down by the lake front in Kenosha, the lake air filling my lungs. I haven’t walked like that in a long time. And while I’m sore now, in retrospect it was totally worth it.

From the guy playing songs on his acoustic guitar from Death Cab for Cutie to Bob Seeger. The couples down there enjoying some time together, the parents down there with their kids and the people down there just to get a little exercise, I would do it again. That giant Poke-Melting Pot.

You may be wondering what my brother thinks about all this. He’s not playing the game, and he thinks it’s funny that I am. I ask him for help on certain things when it comes to the Pokemon, and which to get, but overall he’s pretty removed. He thinks its hilarious that after all these years, IM the one looking for the Psyduck.

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